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King and Kelsey

Des King | Does anyone still believe we shop for products, not packaging?

des king

With exhibitions, awards and Christmas, it’s a constant stream of all manner of irresistible boxes, bags and bottles. More than enough pulling-power on show surely to convert those few intransigent diehards within the supply chain that maintain that we only go shopping for products not for packaging; or indeed, those myopic killjoys that our appetite for consumption is somehow marred by the latter.

Packaging past makes perfect sense for image-conscious present | Des King

des king

Excluding the faintly embarrassing trance-like state attained through popping bubble-wrap, even packaging’s most ardent advocates would baulk a bit at flagging up its therapeutic properties as one of its many and varied attributes. That could change, however, were the imaginative approach taken by a Surrey-based dementia care home towards rekindling happy memories to catch on.