Appartement 103 creates Yves Saint Laurent Christmas gift box

Yves Saint Laurent approached Brand design agency Appartement 103 to create its Christmas gift box edition.


In order to stand out from the crowd during an extremely competitive period, Yves Saint Laurent asked Appartement 103 to highlight the brand’s modern rock spirit with a festive, yet glamorous, look and feel.

“Our main task was to create an eye catching and modern offer, easily adaptable to every brand product and categories, boasting coherence, consistency and shelf impact across different points of sale” said Julien Zylbermann, Appartement 103’s creative director.


Appartement 103’s creative team went deep into the Haute Couture codes to capture YSL’s brand essence, developing a clean design with playful use of textures, making the tactile experience the forefront of the presentation. Inspired by Yves Saint Laurent’s early days and his signature creation with the bow-tie, the team reinterpreted and revamped the concept in this special edition in order to add a final touch of elegance to the wrapping and gifting experience, while making a tribute to its founder.


The clear structure of the box highlights the Black Opium glittery texture as well as the Opium vibrant glossy red. As an invitation to immerse consumers into celebrating a glamorous Christmas, the gift boxes are signed with the iconic embossed metallic Cassandre.

The male product is accentuated with a mat black effect on the slightly embossed diamond-like pattern, while the leather ribbon was given a more masculine appearance by replacing the bow with a metal piece, resembling the iconic La Nuit de l’Homme perfume’s bottle cap.