Burgopak creates new design for Berg’s Little Printer

December 18, 2012 1 Comment » Print Print

Burgopak has linked up with another design agency Berg to create the packaging for their product called Little Printer

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Photo of Burgopak main

The Little Printer is an internet-connected mini printer.

According to Berg, consumers can send it messages to print on its receipt-sized thermal paper rolls and subscribe to ‘publications’ such as Facebook friend’s birthdays, daily news digests, puzzles and science facts.

Burgopak was given a brief for the packaging to encapsulate the charm and personality of the character. Creating the appropriate first ‘hello’, marking the beginning of the relationship between person and product was fundamental to the design, according to the firm.

Photo of Burgopak one Photo of Burgopak two

A Little Printer’s friendly face is the first thing that consumers see when they open the pack.