Fake Bake refreshes brand identity

Popular self-tan Fake Bake has refreshed their brand identity to celebrate their 15th anniversary in the UK.

Fake Bake

The new packaging is part of an overall brand strategy for Fake Bake, which will position them more uniformly on a global scale. Consumers in the UK will start to see the new packaging this month, and it will expand to Fake Bakes’ global locations throughout 2016.

The packaging which was designed in-house, took 6 months to perfect. Fake Bake worked with focus groups and took into consideration feedback from top beauty journalists to ensure the redesign was consumer friendly.

“Our aim is to refine our global brand positioning in 2016, to ensure that our customer experience is driven by one cohesive brand,” said Fraser MacDonald, graphic designer, Fake Bake. “Over time the packaging had become overly complicated and fussy, we stripped all this away creating a clean and fresh look. We went back to our roots by creating a ‘salon-esque’ feel with its bold typography and use of premium coloured foils, giving our product a strong shelf appeal.”

Flawless Coconut Tanning Serum and Bottle

Launching alongside the new packaging is Flawless Coconut Tanning Serum. This beauty and bronzing hybrid, which is part of the Fake Bake ‘Flawless’ family ‘works to deliver a luxurious golden tan, while keeping skin hydrated.’ The serum, which took two years to develop in the Fake Bake lab is said to be the first tanning product to incorporate coconut oil.

“It was very important to me and the team to celebrate this milestone, having brought Fake Bake to the UK 15 years ago, we have grown it from a salon brand to a global household name.  The new packaging represents our strong foothold in the market, we are incredibly fortunate that we can revamp all of our branding and customers will still know who we are. We aren’t the type of brand to shy away from change, in fact we embrace it.

“We pride ourselves on being leaders in innovation, through our product offerings and now in our sleek packaging design,” said Sandra Vaughan, global consultant, Fake Bake.

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