Mayday London designs new branding for Daymer Bay

Mayday London has designed new brand identity and revitalised packaging for Daymer Bay drinks.


The range of flavoured iced teas are launching in Waitrose this week and in retailers across the UK.

Mayday were tasked to give Daymer Bay a unique voice in the iced tea category that would give them strong standout and clear differentiation.

The new packaging designs capture the vitality of Daymer Bay with fruity, bright, beach inspired illustrations that shout refreshment, and a handcrafted logotype that gives the brand a laid back, easy surfer style.

They are designed to appeal to health conscious, active consumers, who care about what they eat and drink, but don’t take life too seriously.

Mayday partner Roger Akroyd said: “The ‘English beach vibe’ look and feel draws on the brand’s Cornish origins and hints at the joy of the outdoor lifestyle and the pleasure of healthy refreshment. It’s a fresh way to support the brand message of NO added sugar, NO artificial sweeteners and NO preservatives or additives.”

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