Taxi Studio refreshes brand for Finnish beer Koff

Following the rebrand of Sinebrychoff’s Kurko and Golden Cap, Taxi Studio has refreshed the Finnish brewery’s flagship beer, Koff.

4429 Koff_8x 330ml Shrinkf_Side_Stacked_RGB

The brief was to clean up Koff’s brand architecture, clearly differentiating taste and benefits across core lines. Then, to refresh the core brand identity and pack designs to make them a cool, credible choice for sociable city-dwellers.

Founded in 1819, Helsinki’s Sinebrychoff is the largest brewery in Northern Europe. First brewed two centuries ago, Koff was the first beer to be delivered by horse; the first distributed to grocery stores and the first to have draughts installed in Finnish bars. Widely recognised as Finland’s ‘first’ beer, the brand has become a victim of its own success in recent years. Consumers reportedly love Koff’s market-leading price but lack brand loyalty for the same reason.

4429 Koff_Core 33cl Can_RGB

It was Taxi Studio’s job ‘to make the safe choice sexy again’. With the growth of the craft and local beer market, premiumisation had become essential. And with the Finnish beer market getting darker in January 2015, Taxi Studio said it needed to make the brand iconic and authoritative once more.

Jonathan Turner-Rogers, associate creative director, Taxi Studio, explained:Our redesign focused around bringing Koff’s iconic horses to life; icon illustration expert Chris Mitchell was briefed to bring an attitude and confidence back to the brand while the can design itself was stripped back to basics, and the red refreshed to deliver a modern stylish bold design. The quality and heritage of Koff is clearly defined by the founder’s signature and craft beer credentials. With a new strategy and identity in place for the core Koff brand and line extensions, we’re now working with Sinebrychoff to create suite of exciting sub-brands.

4429 Koff_Core 33cl OWG Bottle_RGB

Johan Jakobsson, marketing manager, Sinebrychoff, added: “We are delighted with and excited about Taxi Studio’s redesign. They’ve sensitively evolved our flagship beer, respecting its strong roots and long history, and it now feels fresher than ever. We’re extremely confident that this iconic new design will help Koff become a commercial success in 2016 and beyond.”

The new Koff identity will be launched in stores in November 2015.

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