Who Dares Design creates brand identity for PB Nutrition

Who Dares Design was tasked to create the branding and packaging design identity for PB Nutrition’s product range, including Isotonic energy gels.

PB Nutrition

With their packaging expertise and experience, Who Dares Design were also asked to identify how the brand could offer consumers a unique proposition through the use of innovative packaging solutions.

The result is a vibrantly distinctive branded packaging range, tailored for a stand-up pouch format that incorporates an easy to use reclosable spout aperture.

Energy gel products are often sold in single serving sachets. However, with users consuming up to three sachets per workout during exercise, these pouches hold the equivalent of three individual servings. With the reclosable spout aperture, the user can consume the required amount of product throughout their workout from just one pack, closing and opening it as required, or saving the remaining contents for further work-outs.

The agency has created a strong brand identity that supports the mindset of striving for continual personal improvement, with a bold design range reflecting the energising benefits of the products.

The designs incorporate visual cues relating to the flow of energy that is released when the products are ingested, with bold colour navigation across the range to highlight the flavour variants.