Parker Williams creates look for new Miracle-Gro range

January 3, 2013 Comments Off on Parker Williams creates look for new Miracle-Gro range Print Print

Parker Williams has created the packaging for plant care brand Scotts Miracle-Gro’s new Straights range

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Photo of Miracle Gro crop

The design agency redesigned the Miracle-Gro brand in 2011 and the Straights product incorporates traditional plant food formulations ranging from fertilizers, such as Bonemeal and Growmore, to specific use products, such as Sulphate of Potash and Epsom Salts.

Photo of 1 MG Fish Blood Bone VIS

Parker Williams managing director Kate Bradford said: “Miracle-Gro products achieve fantastic end results in the garden and this new range does just that for the more experienced gardener who wants to use traditional, specialist solutions.”

Photo of 1 MG Sulphate of AmmC39EEE

According to Parker Williams, each pack design “makes a hero of the key fruit, veg or flower types that the product helps”. The agency added that consistency with the rest of the brand is maintained “but a strong and relevant range feel is achieved through the use of a hessian background and a softer colour palette than the core Miracle-Gro range.

Photo of 1 MG Sulphate of Iron VIS

Miracle-Gro Straights will be in stores early this year.

Photo of 1 MG Sulphate of potash VIS


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