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Open season on an age-old issue

Open season on an age-old issue

May 3, 2011 2 Comments »

The topic of openability for older generations is only going to get more important. A new set of EU guidelines and an Age UK conference this month highlight a difficult... Read More »

Buyers’ Guide: Go with the flow

February 7, 2011 Comments Off

Lynda Searby on the range of options for powder filling equipment Read More »

Equipment News launches online digital edition with expanded Buyers Guide listings

Equipment News launches online digital edition with expanded Buyers Guide listings

January 10, 2011 Comments Off

Packaging News is publishing an expanded version of its monthy Buyers Guide in an online digital edition of its Equipment News mini-magazine Read More »

Buyers’ Guide: Get the feel for Braille

Buyers’ Guide: Get the feel for Braille

January 6, 2011 Comments Off

New EU rules have led to innovation in a new generation of Braille inspection systems, writes Lynda Searby Read More »

Buyers Guide: Need for speed

Buyers Guide: Need for speed

December 1, 2010 Comments Off

Quick and flexible blister packing kit could be the key to getting ahead in a pharmaceutical sector dogged by cost pressures, says Lynda Searby Read More »

Buyers’ Guide: Battling Asia’s tiger

November 5, 2010 Comments Off

Europe’s form, fill and seal equipment manufacturers are facing a threat from low-cost suppliers from the Far East. Lynda Searby looks at how they are fighting back Read More »

Labels: a new leaf

September 1, 2010 Comments Off

Brands are required to fit an ever-growing list of information on to their products. But what could be a headache for designers at FMCG firms is a growing opportunity for... Read More »

Buyers Guide: Moulding the future

August 4, 2010 Comments Off

For PET producers, bottled water is big business. But as the category becomes more cluttered and pressure for lighter bottles persists, innovation is paramount, says Lynda SearbyRead More »

Coding equipment: Make the best mark

July 1, 2010 Comments Off

With a clutch of competing technologies, choosing a coder can be tricky. But, finds Lynda Searby, with some kit more suited to certain jobs, your decision could already be madeRead More »

Equipment: Food’s auto focus

June 3, 2010 Comments Off

Last year, more robots were bought by UK food manufacturers than by any other sector. Lynda Searby looks at the rise of the machine and their benefits Read More »

Equipment: Packaging hits Ipex

May 5, 2010 Comments Off

With around 20% of visitors to this year's Ipex saying they will invest in packaging in the coming months, Lynda Searby looks at the opportunities the show could offer Read More »

Equipment: Strap-wrappers

April 1, 2010 Comments Off

Many packers use both strapping and wrapping equipment, but would they be better off with a 'combi' machine instead? Lynda Searby finds outRead More »

Heat Sealers: Lean can be green

March 3, 2010 Comments Off

As the effects of the economic downturn continue to be felt across the industry, are ready-meal producers going cool on heat sealers with eco-features? Lynda Searby finds outRead More »

Equipment: The perfect fill

February 3, 2010 Comments Off

The right filling line will not only save cosmetic and personal care product manufacturers money, it will also help protect their brands. Lynda Searby reportsRead More »

Inspection equipment: Joined-up thinking

January 4, 2010 1 Comment »

Is a combined checkweighing and metal detection system double trouble or half the hassle? Lynda Searby checks out the latest equipment to find outRead More »