Markem-Imaje unveils new X60 printer

Markem-Imaje has unveiled its new SmartDate X60, which is designed to minimise waste and deliver high speed performance.

The product is the latest addition to Markem-Imaje’s range of thermal transfer systems and can print at pack speeds of up to 1,000m per second at full 300dpi.

The X60 is also capable of full resin printing at up to 600 mm/s. The firm said that this means “codes will not rub off and makes thermal transfer a viable option in a wider range of situations”.

The SmartDate X60 is suitable for manufacturers of baked items, biscuits, cakes and pasta, as well as chocolate and sugar confectioneries, where single-size packs on lines running at very high speeds require high-speed coders, according to the company.

Markem-Imaje also said that the coder minimises waste and optimises uptime on the packaging line. A standard 1100 m ribbon provides up to 20% more prints per roll, resulting in 20% less waste and reducing the frequency of changeovers.