Corrugated packaging delivers innovation in sustainability | Advertising feature | Environment Report 2012

November 4, 2012 Comments Off on Corrugated packaging delivers innovation in sustainability | Advertising feature | Environment Report 2012 Print Print

DS Smith Packaging is continually working with its customers to reduce carbon and optimise costs in the supply chain, explains Tony Foster, Sector Director, at DS Smith Packaging

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We understand that the sustainability and social responsibility targets of brands and retailers are ever more demanding.

Corrugated packaging can play a significant role in helping companies meet those targets. We have been working closely with FMCG brands to help them make best use of so versatile a material and its environmental credentials.

How DS Smith Packaging is helping reduce costs and carbon

Customers working with DS Smith Packaging seek many benefits, ranging from making best use of packaging material to boosting product sales in store.

Retail ready packaging (RRP) has become an important catalyst for efficiency and sustainability throughout the supply chain. A well-designed retail ready pack, with optimum material, generates results from the factory floor to the retail store.

Just a few typical benefits include: faster packing times, more packs per pallet and better use of space, resulting in less warehousing and lorries off the road, faster identification in store and best use of all three dimensions on the shelf. This holistic packaging approach prevents wasted resource and reduces carbon emissions, as well as promoting in store availability and ease of shopping.

DS Smith Packaging’s successful ‘TiltMaster’ is an innovative retail-ready concept produced for Roach Bros. The 100% recyclable pack presents a product, prone to fall forward, on a backward tilt, so that it remains clearly visible to shoppers.

The tilting function is automatic when the lid is removed, taking up 18% less storage and distribution resource compared to a pre-formed construction. The introduction of DS Smith Packaging’s R-Flute® has resulted in savings in cost and carbon for, among others,

Kellogg’s Nutri-Grain range.

A previous pack, made by a competitor in C-Flute was reported to look ‘washed out’ whereas the new R-Flute® pack, with the associated print improvement, now stands out on shelves far more and is easier to identify back of store – resulting in better on-shelf availability.

In addition to the clear commercial benefits, the change to the lower calliper R-Flute® eliminated over 900 pallet movements of incoming packaging to Kellogg’s, equating to a massive 24 full loads less a year.

Corrugated innovation

DS Smith Packaging has become a hub of innovation in the corrugated packaging industry. The Impact and Innovation Centre at Ely has been visited by hundreds of customers, including operational and supply chain professionals, procurement specialists and marketing teams.

Visitors to the centre are confronted with the reality of the work being done to reduce both cost and carbon, and to drive sales through presentation, shopper convenience and integrating retail ready packaging into shopper marketing. Using its systematic tools known as ‘PackRight’, DS Smith Packaging optimises every aspect of the corrugated pack. Modelling software defines the most efficient design in terms of supply chain efficiency and optimum use of fibre.

Corrugated packaging, recycling and the environment

The exceptionally effective recycling infrastructure for corrugated packaging enables brand holders and retailers alike to feel confident that their packaging will be recycled and that boxes collected can be back on the shelves within 14 days. More than 80% of all corrugated packaging in the UK is recycled, a higher rate than for any other major packaging material. Such effective recycling enables a renewable resource – paper fibre – to be used again and again as part of the closed loop recycling process.

Customers are increasingly turning to DS Smith Packaging to participate in this “corrugated loop”. Through its market leading businesses in the UK – DS Smith Recycling and DS Smith Paper as well as DS Smith Packaging , DS Smith produces corrugated packs, handles collection and recycling of used packaging – whether retail ready, transit packaging or other items – and uses it to make high quality recycled paper. The whole process then starts again.

Through its processes and understanding of the commercial landscape, DS Smith Packaging not only meets standards and targets for sustainability and carbon reduction, in every aspect of the corrugated loop, but exceeds those levels and pushes the boundaries of innovation for customers.

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