API Foils workers continue strikes in Livingston

Workers at API Foils in Livingston are continuing strikes in protest over alleged continual mistreatment by the company and enforced contract changes.

API Foils

According to union Unite, workers are striking today [7 June]. This is their third day of ongoing strikes.

According to Unite regional officer Gillian McKay, the plant’s management have failed to negotiate changes to terms and conditions, on employee contracts, with the union.

On 31 May, API Foils Europe management and Unite held talks. API said a number of issues were discussed and agreement reached but there remained some outstanding areas of disagreement.

‘Working more closely’

Managing director for API Foils Europe, Will Oldham, said: “We are committed to working more closely with the union and the elected representatives for the site and, in particular, to following the collective bargaining process.

“We remain open to further discussions with the union and hope that a resolution will be found very soon, as we need to work together to address the significant changes this business must undergo in order to build a profitable platform for growth and investment.

“Meanwhile our priority continues to be making sure that our customers can rely on API Foils for product quality and service at a time when the current economic climate is already creating challenges for us especially in the euro-area.”

‘It’s not about the money’

Speaking to PN, Mckay said: “The concept of collective bargaining has escaped the management in Livingston. We have asked management to give us information relation to matters that caused the dispute in the first place.

“This is not just about the money. We are asking the management why they failed to negotiate changes to terms and conditions and the business rationale behind it. They [API] said that the information will not be released until later on this week.”

She said a 2% pay increase was given to employees without them being consulted. She said: “On the one hand they [API] say there is no money for a further pay increase but on the same day their profits soar by 77%. All we’re asking for is our fair share of that.”

The next strike is due to take place next Friday.