Artist creates masterpiece from recycled wine corks

Artist Conrad Engelhardt has created art made from recycled wine corks.

Cork art recycling by Conrad Engelhardt

Engelhardt told PN that he has been working with his local restaurants Les Trois Garcon and the Boundary to collect their unwanted corks and recycling them, since October last year.

He was inspired by US-based artist Chuck Close, who specialises in photorealism, to create the piece.

Engelhardt said he has diverted 2,000-3000 corks away from landfill to make his piece.

He said he is receiving 200 corks per week from the restaurants, with different stains on them. The colours can range from dark burgundy, black and white.

He added: “The hardest part of creating the work was getting the restaurants on board.

“Some restaurants did not understand what I was doing. However, once I got a few of them on board the process got going.

“I think there is beauty in the smallest thing. It is not going to save the world but it saves the corks from being thrown away. You can collect just a few of them and a make something out of it.”

Engelhardt hopes to put his artwork on public display soon and is working on his second masterpiece.