Outrage in Daily Mail over ‘pornographic’ sweet packaging

August 28, 2009 Comments Off on Outrage in Daily Mail over ‘pornographic’ sweet packaging Print Print

A Daily Mail reader has expressed his outrage at the illustrations on Maoam sweet packaging which, he says, show a lemon and lime “locked in a carnal encounter”

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Mr Simon Simpkins, from Pontefract, West Yorkshire, wrote to the newspaper to express his disgust at the images after buying a packet for his two children.

Simpkins demanded to see the store manager to express his anger and was told to register his complaint with the manufacturer, Haribo, also based in Pontefract.

“I’m glad I spotted this before my young children, who are both very sensitive,” wrote Simpkins in his letter.

“My wife and I have always tried to maintain their innocence and to think our years of careful parenting could have been wrecked by, of all things, a sweet wrapper makes me livid.”

It has been suggested that the letter was part of an elaborate ploy to raise awareness of a new sampling campaign for Haribo product ChewToo.

A Maoam spokesperson has denied this, stating that: “Maoam is in no way responsible for the letter to the Daily Mail“.

“Our wrappers certainly haven’t been created to cause any offence. The Maoam character, which was developed in 2002, was simply designed as a unique and jovial figure.”


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