Consumers give their verdict on Jubilee packaging | Exclusive video

July 10, 2012 Comments Off Print Print

Have this summer’s limited edition packs made consumers fall back in love with the brands and products they contain? Find out in this video produced exclusively for Packaging News by Watch Me Think

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You’ve seen the Jubilee limited edition packs on the shelves – and you may even have designed, manufactured or commissioned them – but how have consumers reacted to them?

In this video produced exclusively for Packaging News by consumer insight start-up Watch Me Think, five consumers discuss their views on the summer’s limited edition packs.

They talk about their views on packaging from brands including Marmite, Kellogg’s, Mr Kipling, Hovis and more.

The panellists discuss whether the special packaging, which ties into the summer’s Diamond Jubilee celebrations as well as the London Olympics, would make them more likely to buy the product.

In particular, they talk about how it would change their view of the brand and the product; and how the packaging fits into their lives and families.

Watch Me Think is a new consumer insight business offering video content of consumers discussing aspects of their relationships with products in their own homes. The video content is recorded by the consumers themselves on their smartphones. For more, visit or email

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