Packaging Innovations 2016 | Techtron launches new branding

The new branding and website for Techtron is being revealed on Stand K47 at this week’s Packaging Innovations show.


The new branding is designed to be modern, strong and confident. It is based on the strength of chemical bonds and the hexagon graphic represents innovation, speed and production. The Techtron ‘T’ is described as ‘positive and uplifting – demonstrating that Techtron is a leader in the contract packing industry’.

The development of the new branding follows the recent significant investment in the Techtron plant of over £150,000, due to a five-year new customer deal. The Deeside-based, BRC accredited, liquid chemical contract packer now has the capability to handle concentrated nitric acid and has installed a new 5000L blend vessel and two plate heat exchangers, which provide the ability to handle exothermic reactions. A new high speed labeller is in place on the fastest line, which improves the bottle packing capability. Techtron now has the ability to in-line induction heat seal.


Throughout 2016, there will be further investment in an additional high-speed labeller, a second deionised water plant and automated capping facilities for push down and screw caps/triggers.Dr Clare Rowe, general manager at Techtron, said: “We are delighted to launch our new branding and website,, at Packaging Innovations 2016 and feel that it is a great representation of our business strengths.

“We believe that we are in a very strong position in the contract pack market now with the significant investment in our plant and have a state-of-the-art offering for our customers.”Continues Dr Rowe: “The new website is easy to navigate and shows our customers what we can offer in considerable detail. The virtual tour can be downloaded to give a clear insight into our capabilities and day-to-day operations.”


Techtron has over 30 years’ experience of putting liquids in bottles, in volumes ranging from 50ml to 1000L, with the flexibility for short runs. Its contract packing facility offers the complete range of services required from formulation, regulatory and compliance, blending, quality control, filling, marketing and design, dispatch, logistics and distribution.