Media debate rages again over packaging openability

The issue of openability returned to the national media yesterday (28 January) after a poll claimed that people are using knives, pliers and screwdrivers to open packs.

Packaging News entered the debate via local radio as national newspapers seized on a report in the Grocer, claiming that 74% of respondents had been “forced” to take a knife to open packaging with 63% claiming they’d injured themselves in the process.

The survey quizzed 800 members of the marketing, packaging and grocery industry and was undertaken by easyFairs. It claimed that the “packaging villains” were corned beef cans, ring pulls, easy-peel packs and flow-wrap packs.

Packaging News deputy editor Philip Chadwick featured on BBC London and BBC Radio Devon to discuss the issue of openability. Radio Devon also opened the topic up to a phone-in, with listeners sharing their packaging experiences.

The Daily Express and Daily Mail also ran stories on “wrap rage”. However, both failed to pick up on packs that were considered “heroes” in the industry; Duerr’s jam jar lid, designed by Crown, and Weetabix’s paper wrapper.



  1. Frankly, I find the whole situation ridiculous and don’t understand why people don’t do more about this. There are a whole host of ‘easy-open/re-close’ solutions, especially for flexible packaging formats, which have been readily available for a long time. We have found that many food manufacturers (and retailers) are reluctant to make use of them commercially as they perceive them as an on-cost rather than an investment in what the end-consumer wants from their packaging. Take a look at the following video and judge for yourself