More waste recycled than sent to landfill in England

More waste in England is being recycled than being sent to landfill, according to figures from the Department for the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra).

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It’s the first time that recycling has overtaken landfill with 10.7m tonnes of waste recycled, composted or reused compared to 9.6m tonnes sent to general waste. The figures come from Local Authorities in England.

The increase in recycling has been put down to the fortnightly collection of household bins and a wider range of what can be recycled, including food waste.

The most improved council was Runnymede Borough Council in Surrey with its recycling rate rising in two years, from 29% to 47%. Cheltenham Borough Council boosted its recycling from under 36% to 46% while West Oxfordshire District Council’s rate has risen to over 60%.

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