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Del Monte bananas get second packaging skin

Food producer Del Monte will package its bananas in a plastic wrapper to sell to customers at petrol stations, convenience stories and gyms.

Del Monte

The Del Monte individually-wrapped bananas will be marketed under the slogan ‘Natural Energy Snack on the Go’, according to the Daily Mail.

Del Monte claims that the trial to put the bananas in a plastic bag will reduce waste. The firm said that the bag contains ‘Controlled Ripening Technology’ – which extends the shelf-life of the banana by up to six days.

The banana is put into the plastic bag when it is green and, according to the manufacturers, goes on to ripen more slowly than if it had been left in the open air.

Speaking to Packaging News, INCPEN director Jane Bickerstaffe said: “It looks like a good development because it will reduce waste as it will keep the bananas fresh.  The packaging will stop the bananas from going black and stop people from throwing them out.”

She also said if people were buying the bananas to eat immediately, then packaging was not needed but if they were storing it in their draws for lunch to eat at a later date then packaging was needed.

The price has not yet been revealed, but is likely to be significantly higher than the cost of buying a loose banana at a supermarket – typically around 15p.

Local Government Association chair of the Environment Board Gary Porter told the Daily Mail: The man from Del Monte should say no. This is a backwards step which will contribute to the twin problems of landfill and litter.

“Nature has designed out the need for bananas to have extra packaging even for sale at service stations. It’s the same yellow wrapper that protects them on the supermarket shelf. Retailers and manufacturers need to cut back on packaging, not create more.”

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  1. This is great, because if the banana doesn’t sell or you change you mind after purchasing it’s already in it’s own handy ‘bin’. I think it’s a mistake to print it on clear though, as folk will handle them a lot just to find the one that isn’t bruised (or bruised if they are making a small portion of banana bread)

    Will they also do multipacks? With each banana wrapped but attached to each other on some kind of ‘stalk’ device?

  2. I work in packaging and even though I probably shouldn’t say this I have to mention THIS IS PLAIN WRONG ENVIRONMENTALLY SPEAKING

    • In principle, extending the shelf life of a banana by 6 days has to be a good thing. However Del Monte should have anticipated a backlash from those who do not understading the purpose of packaging and how, in general, food waste has a more detrimental impact on the environment than the packaging which may limit or prevent such waste. Del Monte and all packers of food should use LCA’s to guide them when making decisions on packaging especially those which at face value appear to encourage the cause of the anti packaging lobby. Backup your decisions with science!

  3. Today is the 1st March not the 1st April

  4. The packaging ‘world’ has gone maaad! Equally, please note the environmental and social credentials of Del Monte and its ‘farms’ that grow its fruit, be it bananas or pineapples. Be scared, be very scared. It apparently CAN afford to add useless, unnecessary packaging but CANNOT afford to care for the environment where its food is grown nor ensure that its farmers/families and workers get a fair price for their work. Am I surprised ~ of course not!