Forum Packaging boosts green credentials

Lincolnshire’s Forum Packaging has enhanced its green credentials after buying two new hybrid cars – powered by its own solar farm.

Forum Packaging

Forum has already taken delivery of one of its new Volvo XC90s, with a second due to arrive later this year.

It’s a further move towards environmental sustainability for the Horncastle-based company after it invested £230,000 in its own solar farm last year.

The 900 panels were installed at Forum’s site in Mareham Road and utilise cutting-edge technology to allow the system to stand-alone from the National Grid.

Now the award-winning firm will use electricity generated from the solar farm to power the twin-engine hybrid Volvos. In total the company has now invested more than £350,000 in environmental technologies at the site.

The XC90s, purchased from Stoneacre Volvo in Lincoln, will travel as far as 25 miles on electric alone and emits around a third of the CO2 of a normal family car.

Forum Packaging is widely respected as one of the leading packaging companies in the UK supplying all types of paper and plastic sacks into a wide variety of market sectors – from chemical and cement companies to animal feed and the food industry.

Managing director of Forum, Mark Spivey said the hybrid cars were crucial pieces in the company’s eco-jigsaw.

“It is very important for the business to develop its environmentally sustainability because it makes us more cost effective and minimizes our impact on the planet,” he said.

“We are creating a legacy and level of sustainability for the business that is both attractive to our customers and lays down the foundations for another successful 25 years of manufacture.”

The vehicle allows the driver to choose between several drive options – hybrid mode using both the electric motor and the petrol engine to optimise performance, fuel consumption and comfort, eco mode for low energy consumption and power mode to maximise performance and quick response.

Sam Walker, sales executive at Stoneacre, said the Volvo XC90s were proving popular in Lincolnshire, with the orders growing for the car.

“We are delighted to be helping a successful Lincolnshire company to develop its business and secure its future,” he said.

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