Eco-friendly Easypack saves over 100,000 trees in a year

Easypack has claimed its has saved 114,700 new trees from being cut down during 2015.


Through the use of the company’s 100% recycled, 100% recyclable and 100% biodegradable paper packaging, Easypack and their customers have made a significant contribution to protecting new trees and the environment. The number of new trees saved during the year was calculated from the official guidelines of 17 new trees saved per tonne of 100% recycled paper used.

Customers of the UK manufacturer of environmentally friendly packaging solutions have each been presented with a Sustainable Packaging Certificate in recognition of their efforts to pack their goods in a sustainable and ethical way. Customer certificates show the number of trees that their business protected during the year, allowing them to share their ethical packaging story with their customers, staff and stakeholders.

As consumers and businesses become increasingly aware of eco-alternatives, recycled or reusable packaging is becoming a key purchasing driver.  Easypack’s environmentally friendly solutions allow customers from across multiple sectors, to pack their goods securely and sustainably, helping them to meet their green credentials and customer expectations.

Easypack was established in Hertfordshire, UK, in 1992 and have grown to be the UK’s leading manufacturer of environmentally friendly, quality, high performance cushion void fill systems, designed specifically for industrial consumption. Today the company works with some of Europe’s largest brands as well as SMEs and start-up businesses, enabling businesses to pack their goods with 100% environmentally friendly packaging.

Its products and culture have always been focused on providing environmentally friendly solutions, following EU legislation on the Restriction of use of Hazardous Substances (RoHS), and Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and restriction of Chemicals (REACH).  Easypack’s paper is also pH neutral and is all fully certified to ensure that it is 100 % recycled and traceable to source.

Operations director, Jason Cox said: “The number of trees protected through our work over the last year is significant and we are so proud to make a difference, every year, both to the environment and our customers’ businesses. In line with our ISO 14001 policy, we will continue to improve our packing systems in order to bring further environmental benefits and support our customers’ green credentials”

“We hope that our customers show off their certificates with pride and share this news with their customers, so that everyone can see the efforts that they are making to protect our planet”.

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