Oakland International boosts solar power generation

Oakland International has invested in a new solar installation, increasing its roof top energy generation.


In generating terms the installation equates to an 183kWp system, previously 150kWp, bringing Oakland’s rooftop solar harnessing capacity to 433kWp.

The contract packer has also introduced an electric car and five bicycles, LED lighting, efficient radiators, cardboard and plastic recycling, Oakland’s own energy efficient reed bed system and on-site sewage treatment plant – which uses less energy than conventional sewage treatment methods with emissions and further reduced by energy efficient warehouse chillers.

Max Harrison, Oakland International’s renewable project coordinator, said the company has been steadily introducing green initiatives for over a decade, replacing energy rich with renewable alternatives.

“This project was a work in progress for over a year, and only commenced once we identified an installation partner that mirrored our values for this complex install.”