Packaging Innovations 2016 | Qualvis promises a monster display

Among the products at Qualvis’ stand will be the new Bear Claw packs, its Qube pack and airline in-flight tray.


The Bear designs for the healthy children’s snack Claws are brightly coloured and fun reflecting the contents which are fruit & veg shapes that can be made into monsters before eating.

The Qube is a one piece flat folding, auto erecting patented carton tube design, known as the ‘Qualvis Distillery Tube’. Providing an optimised supply chain, the Qube is designed to be a cost effective competitor to rigid tubes, offering similar levels of strength, with the finishing benefits of folding box board, such as detailed embossing and de-bossing.

The Qualvis’ airline in-flight tray is designed to give a premium ‘gift’ feel to the usual ordinary inflight meal or plastic snack trays. The tray is fully recyclable and printed using low migration inks to ensure food compatibility. Distinctive airline branding opportunities give the ability to use high end finishes. Qualvis Print & Packaging has been providing brands with high quality packaging for over 30 years. The company initially concentrated on food packaging. As the business developed and markets diversified, Qualvis also began supplying cosmetic, multimedia, horticulture and DIY/Household packaging.

Stand L48