Hasbro to phase out PVC in packs by 2013

Toy giant Hasbro has announced plans to eliminate PVC from all its packaging as the latest measure in its plans to make its packs more sustainable.

The US-based group has set a target of early 2013 to cut out all PVC from its core toy and game packaging.

Yesterday’s statement from Hasbro on the move did not explain why the company believed that eliminating PVC would make it more sustainable.

However, the move follows steps in 2010 to remove wire ties from all its packs to replace them with paper rattan or bamboo-based ties.

The maker of brands such as Transformers, My Little Pony and GI Joe said it has already begun phasing out PVC in some of its packs.

In the statement, Hasbro president and chief executive officer Brian Goldner said: “At a time when consumers have an abundance of choices, we hope our track record of innovation and corporate citizenship — including our focus on sustainable packaging and product safety — will give shoppers one more reason to choose our products during the holiday season and throughout the year,”

Other recent moves designed to reduce the environmental impact of Hasbro’s packaging have included:

– a goal to reach 75% of paper and board packaging derived from recycled content or sustainably-managed forests by 2011, rising to 90% in 2015;

– a new paper sourcing policy in 2011 designed to ensure that paper used in Hasbro products meets the company’s commitment to environmental sustainability, including an expectation that suppliers will source paper with as much post-consumer recycled content as practical and financially viable.

Goldner said: “We are proud of our progress to date and look forward to making continual improvements in CSR as we assess the many opportunities and challenges ahead.”

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