Avery Dennsion launches new label application

Avery Dennison has launched a new label application at Interpack which it claims will “free package designers to create more distinctive packaging shapes” to help give products stand-out shelf appeal.

Avery Dennison Curve Appeal small

The firm’s Curve Appeal is a patent-pending system that encompasses “special Fasson Curvy” film labels that work together in a machine application process.

According to Avery Dennison, this system labels complex curve surfaces “far beyond other current labelling processes”.

“In mere seconds, shoppers make purchase decisions,” said Avery Dennison’s global marketing director Renae Kulis.

“Avery Dennison Curve Appeal allows marketers and package designers to profoundly affect consumers’ decision-making. Savvy brand owners can now create a more impactful marketing asset at the shelf.”

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The new Fasson Curvey film label combines a wraparound look with the shelf appeal of pressure-sensitive graphics. According to Avery Dennison, it creates up to 30% more space for primary labelling than current flat surfaces.

It also said that the new label reduces the need for two-ply label constructions, enabling larger back panels to carry more product or multi-language information.