Join the debate: How would plain packaging legislation affect your business?

What would plain tobacco packaging legislation mean for the wider packaging supply chain? Share your thoughts ahead of an exclusive Packaging News event exploring the possible impacts of the proposed rules.

Australian 'plain' cigarette packs

Proposals for plain tobacco packaging high on the agenda, with the Government’s Chantler Review due to report back on the proposal in March and the Scottish parliament voting in favour of bringing in the rules as soon as Westminster does.

So far, Australia is the only country to have banned branded tobacco packaging, with cigarette packs such as those pictured above now the norm – and the UK may not be far behind.

Packaging News is this month holding an exclusive round table, sponsored by Essentra Packaging, exploring how such legislation could affect the packaging supply chain here in the UK.

From materials manufacturers and packaging converters through to designers, brand owners and retailers, the event will bring together experts on every stage of the supply chain to explore the potential impacts that so-called ‘plain’ packaging could bring.

Ahead of the event, we are looking for your thoughts and views on the practical implications of plain packaging, should it come in.

How would it affect your business? How do you see it affecting others in the supply chain? And would it create opportunities for your business or others?

Share your thoughts in the ‘Comments’ section below and look out for coverage of the round table in the March issue of Packaging News and online at



  1. I have a consumer video study on plain packaging – consumer views and potential opportunities – happy to share; just drop me a line. Kevin.

  2. We’re finding that demand for cigarette cases like these are picking up.

  3. Where does it end. The next port of call is going to be Confectionery and Bakery, which they will blame for an increase in obesity. This will then impact on the whole Printed Packaging Industry

  4. Whilst this will not directly affect my business, I am very interested to see how the market share will segment given the fact there will be restrictive marketing permitted once this is implemented.