Lego is latest to drop Asia Pulp & Paper, Greenpeace claims

Greenpeace has stepped up its offensive on board supplier Asia Pulp & Paper by claiming that Danish toy giant Lego has stopped using materials from the company.


Greenpeace said in a statement late last week that Lego had dropped APP over its alleged role in deforestation in Indonesia – allegations that APP strongly denies.

The assertion came after Lego published an update on its efforts to improve the sustainability of its packaging in which Helle Sofie Kaspersen, the group’s vice president of corporate governance and sustainability, said the company would no longer deal with suppliers involved in deforestation.

“It is our intent that we will only source material from suppliers that are not involved in deforestation,” Kaspersen said in the statement.

Lego itself has not named APP and has not confirmed Greenpeace’s claims to Packaging News following enquiries this morning (11 July).

Lego’s statement on its packaging efforts outlined how 75% of the board it uses is made up of recycled material and that it is working to reduce the amount of material it uses.

It is also working towards using entirely FSC-certified board in its packaging and expects to reach 100% FSC stock in the next year.

Toy makers

Lego is just one of four toy makers to be named in a recent Greenpeace report on Asia Pulp & Paper, which it accuses of unsustainable forestry practices and causing deforestation in the Sumatra region of Indonesia.

In a high-profile media stunt last month it claimed that Mattel, the maker of Barbie dolls, was using APP board. Mattel has since instructed its suppliers not to buy board from APP.

Greenpeace also claimed in its statement last Thursday that Hasbro has stopped using APP board, while it said that Disney, the fourth company it has named as being a customer of APP, had not responded to the report.

‘Highly misleading’

APP strongly denies Greenpeace’s accusations over its practices in Indonesia and in a statement told Packaging News today dismissed Greenpeace’s claims that hardwood has been found in some of its products as “highly misleading and meaningless”.

It said that independent audits had “consistently found that APP has effective systems in place to help ensure no illegal wood enters its mills”.

It did not comment specifically on Lego or Mattel, but the statement insisted that APP “meets the strict legal requirements of all the countries to which we distribute our products globally”.

It said: “Regarding carton box packaging, the specific target of the Greenpeace report, we are proud to clarify that our packaging materials contain more than 95 percent recycled paper, with the remainder coming from legal fibre and certified fibre.

“The recycled paper is sourced from and contains fibre from various wood sources around the world.  It is among the most environmentally responsible and sustainable packaging products produced anywhere in the world.”

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