Linpac vacuum skin packaging extends food shelf life

January 10, 2014 1 Comment » Print Print

Food packaging company Linpac Packaging has launched vacuum skin packaging (VSP) for companies looking to extend shelf life and reduce food waste in the supply chain

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The multi-material packaging manufacturer now has a broad rigid VSP tray range, available in mono PET, PET/PE, Barrier PP and Barrier EPS and suitable for all current VSP designed tray sealing machinery.

The company has developed three application styles:

–          Normal vacuum skin pack (below the flange protrusion)

–          Protruding vacuum skin pack (slightly above the flange protrusion)

–          Super-protruding vacuum skin pack (High protrusion above the flange)

Joanna Stephenson, vice president marketing and innovation at Linpac, said the range of rigid trays for VSP applications gives customers flexibility in terms of pack design.

“Retailers and manufacturers are increasingly opting for VSP because of the extended shelf life it offers them enabling reductions in supply chain waste. As consumer demand across the world continues to shift towards the ready availability of fresh and chilled meat and poultry, the pressure on the packaging industry to develop products which ensure foods remain fresher for longer is growing.”


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