Bulletproof refresh aims to make Carte Noire look less bitter

Bulletproof has revamped Carte Noire coffee’s packaging to make it more friendly and break shoppers’ perception that the product is bitter.

carte noire mn

The London agency was tasked with giving the brand’s jar a more accessible look and to make the branding more consistent on-shelf.

In a statement on the designs, the agency, which has also recently worked on Mexican lager Indio and a special edition range for Nivea Soft, said that consumer perceptions of the brand as a dark and bitter coffee have been perpetuated by its black pack design.

The updated look retains the black background but brings green and red tones to the fore on the packs of two variants in the brand, while highlighting its “velvety and rich” qualities.

Bulletproof client services director Kellie Chapple said: “By echoing the Carte Noire Refill’s sensuous design we’ve given the portfolio a more feminine and inclusive look and feel.

“Highlighting the product visual with golden flourishes suggests a smoother taste and reinforces the stylish and sophisticated nature of the brand.

The agency’s design director Nina Fortune added: “We wanted to stay true to the iconic Carte Noire black and gold design whilst at the same time off-setting the perceived bitterness that the brand has always suffered from.

“Using the ribbon equity to create a modern architecture, with softer feminine curves that balances the masculinity of the jar structure, these subtle changes have resulted in an effective packaging refresh.”