Tango cans use temperature sensitive ink for ‘cheeky’ campaign

Britvic is using temperature sensitive ink for a range of limited edition Tango cans to help refresh its image.

The ink is being used to reveal the tongue-in-cheek strap line when the cans of apple, cherry and orange Tango are chilled to the correct temperature and are designed for the brand’s target teen and young adult audience.

Some 20 million cans will carry one of three strap lines over the next 10 weeks and the special edition comes less than a year after Tango printed its cans upside down in response to a dare from social networking site Bragster.

Senior brand manager Adam Goodger said the firm’s evolving brand design kept it fresh and helped it to stand out in a competitive category.

“While the Tango brand doesn’t take itself too seriously, and the strap lines fit in perfectly with its personality, there is a serious message in the redesign about keeping soft drinks at the correct temperature to maximise sales,” he said.

The strap lines include: “Chilled Tango froze my peel off”, “Chilled Tango made my stones shrink” and “Chilled Tango made my pips go hard”.

Britvic hopes that a cash-and-carry promotion of 24 cans for the price of 20 will help convince retail outlets to stock Tango.

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