Heinz launches 1kg resealable Beanz container

July 31, 2010 Comments Off Print Print

Heinz is launching a 1kg plastic container for its baked beans that is says keeps the contents fresh for five days after opening

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The Beanz Fridge Pack will reach supermarket shelves in September and is designed for families who often eat at different times of the day.

Plastic packaging firm RPC made the pack that contains the equivalent of two and a half cans and has a seethrough portion guide so consumers can see how many beans are left.

Paula Jordan, marketing director for Beans, Kids and Meals at Heinz said the new pack “allows bean lovers to enjoy Heinz Beanz as they like and in portions that suits them”.

Heinz said the screw top meant consumer could put the beans back in the fridge where they would stay fresh for five days.

‘Not the end of the can’
The Metal Packaging Manufacturers Association said that the new format did not mark the demise of the traditional can.

“Shoppers can rest assured that the much loved, iconic baked beans can is here to stay,” said MPMA director Nick Mullen.
“Brand extensions do exactly what they say on the tin – widen the market – and this clever and innovative Fridge Pack will do just that, but not at the expense of the circa 442m cans already being sold in supermarkets across the country.”

The Fridge Packs will be accompanies by an £3m advertising campaign and have been designed using the brand’s iconic keystone and turquoise colour.

Heinz has a 63% market share of the £337m bean accompaniments market.

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