Survey shows e-commerce shoppers’ packaging dissatisfaction

A US survey found that online shoppers are largely unsatisfied with the packaging of their purchases.


Shorr Packaging surveyed hundreds of adult e-commerce shoppers representing a cross-section of Americans.  The aim was to understand consumer preferences around custom packaging and how shopping frequency and spending impacts those preferences.

The main take away from the survey was that premium shoppers (customers who spend more than $200 a month) place added value on custom packaging design.

Matt Zajechowski, ‎SEO outreach manager and content specialist Digital Third Coast worked with Shorr to develop this visual content that breaks down the results of the survey.

“In the survey we found that only 11% of e-commerce customers are completely satisfied with the packaging they receive today,” Zajechowski told Packaging News. Custom packaging is the first tactile experience that an e-commerce customer has with your brand, so it is important to make a positive first impression.

“We found that returning customers spend an average of 67% more than first time-customers which further reinforces the importance of making a good first impression with your packaging.”

E-commerce packaging is the subject of Simon Clarke’s Category Focus in the March issue of Packaging News.

Matt Zajechowski, Digital Third Coast

Matt Zajechowski, Digital Third Coast