Domino launches new ink for beverage sector

Domino Printing Sciences has launched a high-contrast ink for coding onto dark coloured, reusable glass bottles.

Domino_Yellow Ink

The 2YL955i alkali-washable yellow ink has first-rate adhesion even in areas where surface condensation is present during the coding stage.

The fast dry properties (1-2 seconds) enables the printed code to resist refrigerator storage and immersion in water, which Domino said makes it ideal for beer, soft drinks and assorted beverage applications.

The yellow ink is also suitable for coding onto reusable rubber, black plastic kegs and some PET bottles.

Greg Treanor, product marketing manager – CIJ at Domino Printing Sciences, said printing legible codes onto certain bottles can prove to be a challenging task. “Thanks to extensive research and development, we have created an advanced high-contrast opaque yellow ink that is visible on a dark surface. The ink is particularly suited for use in returnable glass beverage plants, as it can be readily removed when the bottles are ‘caustic wash’ cleaned for refilling.”