Nestlé wins KitKat showdown with Cadbury

The shape of the famous confectionery brand KitKat has been ruled exclusive to Nestlé, following a long running legal dispute with Cadbury.


Nestlé registered the shape as far back as 2006 but Cadbury won an appeal against the move. However an appeal at the Community Trade Mark Office has ruled that the four-fingered, three-dimensional shape of the bar can be trademarked.

The ruling is the latest legal showdown between the confectionery giants. In October last year, Cadbury won a battle over its unique purple colour on its packaging. The High Court ruled in favour of Cadbury and stopped Nestlé from using the Pantone 2865c tint on its products.



  1. So you could say, that it’s ‘tit for tat’, or ‘kit for kat’?

  2. The first comment is the least funny thing I have ever had the misfortune to read.

  3. Identity! Would cadbury really want to produce a 2nd rate kitkat and nestle use purple!