New safety cap for Loyd Grossman jars

October 10, 2012 1 Comment » Print Print

EXCLUSIVE – Premier Foods has launched a new safety cap for cooking sauce brand Loyd Grossman and it is currently in the throes of rolling out the same cap on to all Premier-branded jarred cooking sauces

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Photo of Loyd Grossman

Premier Foods told Packaging News that its new closure for Loyd Grossman jars includes a safety button feature that provides visible and audible evidence of an undisrupted seal. However, the firm did not reveal who supplied the caps.

A spokeswoman for Premier Foods told PN: “When the cap is opened, the button pops up.  If the vacuum is lost, for example, when a jar is opened then re-closed, the button remains up, can be pushed down by the consumer and springs back up when the consumer releases finger pressure on the button.”

Premier said that it changed the cap because it recognised that button caps are a key indicator to the integrity and quality of the product that they contain. It said that it had “taken the step simply to increase the level of prominence of the button feature to general consumers as a further reminder to always check”.

The safety button closure is used on packs of cooking sauces, preserves and pickles.

A spokeswoman said that Premier was currently in the throes of rolling out the same safety cap on to all Premier-branded jarred cooking sauces, including Homepride and Sharwood’s.