PEFC and AB Group Packaging in paper bags push

Paper and polythene bag manufacturer AB Group Packaging and The Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification (PEFC) are pushing for more paper bag use nationwide.

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AB Group is encouraging brand owners, retailers and consumers to use paper bags as an alternative to plastic, following the Government’s decision to introduce a 5p charge levy on all single-use plastic bags in England from October 2015.

The PEFC is supporting the increased use of paper bags, as a viable alternative to plastic. Both PEFC and AB Group Packaging said this represents an opportunity for the paper and packaging industry to push the usage of fibre-based packaging.

The fibre-based packaging material used to produce the paper bags can also be sourced from sustainably managed forests, and

If sourced from a PEFC certified forest, the fibre-based packaging material can respond to the many environmental concerns that FMCG brands are wary of.

Dermot Brady, AB Group managing director, said: “With the announcement of this tax for plastic bags, this marks an excellent opportunity for the paper and packaging industry to increase the use of paper-based bags, which are both sustainable, renewable, and present an excellent environmental plus over plastic.”

Around 7bn carrier bags are handed out by Britain’s supermarkets annually.

In Wales the levy has proved successful, reducing the number of carrier bags given out by over 80% according to Government figures.


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  1. Francisco Bernal

    Interesting idea. Impartial LCA data on them would be welcome. Especially in light of the Environment agency report stating that a paper bag would need to be reused 3 to 7 times to have a lower environmental impact than a standard HDPE plastic bag…