PepsiCo aims to deliver “favourable aromas” in packaging

PepsiCo in the US is looking into developing beverage packaging that delivers an aroma before consumers drink the product.


The FMCG giant said that the invention can be applied to products including chilled drinks, syrups and carbonates. The aim is to give the consumers “favourable aromas” before they drink.

One of the inventors, Peter Given, said that the aroma delivery system uses one or more compounds encapsulated in gelatine capsules that are broken when the drinks container is opened. The capsules would be 10-50 microns in size with a secondary protective coating to guard against moisture and oxygen ingress.

Aromas could include essential oils, fruit essences or perfumes. Closures can comprise of threaded caps, slide-in closures, snap-on or slide-on caps. Secondary protective layers could include a polysaccharide, synthetic polymer, natural wax or natural biopolymer.

The patent was filed in March last year but was published in March 2013.


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  1. Wasn’t this done nearly 20 years ago with coldseal… used specifically on confectionary packaging, favourite and most popular option was chocolate smelling Cold seal…mmmmmmmm