Closures invests in IsoCool system to reduce energy bills

September 21, 2010 Comments Off on Closures invests in IsoCool system to reduce energy bills Print Print

Plastics packaging firm Closures has called on IsoCool to implement energy-saving initiatives that could save the firm more than 52,000 a year

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Closures produces in-mould-label cream pot containers and lids and more than two billion closures of the dairy sector every year.

The Mansfield-based firm expanded its site earlier this year to house up to 12 injection-moulding machines and asked IsoCool to install a cooling system for the site, backed by a Carbon Trust loan.

Closures director Peter Acres said: “IsoCool produced detailed cost analyses of our existing energy consumption compared with their new system. The savings were fantastic and return on investment excellent.”

Adiabatic cooling system
The system includes an adiabatic cooling system for the hydraulic oil coolers as will as a multi-circuit chiller and air blast cooler for the moulds to provide partial and up to 100% free cooling during low ambient conditions.

Offloading the chillers helps to reduce the annual energy consumption of the cooling system by over 50%, which IsoCool said would save Closures around £17,000 every year and increasing the longevity of their plant.

As well as the extension, IsoCool has also identified where energy savings could be made across the whole facility, worth more than £52,000 a year.

Nigel Hallett, managing director of IsoCool, said: “With a combination of upgrading, recycling and centralising, we knew we could make Closures overall system much more energy efficient.”

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