RPC presents full range of rigid options | Emballage 2012

November 22, 2012 Comments Off on RPC presents full range of rigid options | Emballage 2012 Print Print

RPC is showcasing a wide range of rigid plastic packaging at this year’s Emballage

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Highlights include a “breakthrough” in baby food packaging from Heinz Italy using barrier sheet from RPC Cobelplast.

The new plastic baby food tub has a reduction in weight of 85% compared to the more traditional packaging of a glass jar and metal cap.

The pack is thermoformed using RPC Cobelpast’s PP/EVOH/PP barrier sheet, which delivers protection against oxygen ingress to allow an ambient shelf life of up to 12 months.

Also on show is a new multilayer foodservice jar, the 4kg Bear jar, which features a PP/EVOH/PP structure. It can be hot filled, pasteurised and sterilised at temperatures up to 121°C. The jar is from RPC Containers Corby.

In addition, RPC’s Superfos division showcasing its range of  injection moulding products for markets including food and home improvement.

On the first day of the show (Monday 19 November) the SuperLock lightweight plastic container with barrier protection from RPC Superfos, won an Emballage “Oscar” for its “outstanding barrier properties and user friendliness”. The international award came in the Consumer Goods section.

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