Sainsbury’s cuts 140 tonnes of CO2 in toilet roll revamp

Sainsbury’s is to shrink the cardboard tubes in its own-label toilet roll in a move that it claims will take 500 lorries off the road each year.


The supermarket is to reduce the diameter of the inner cardboard tube on its ‘by Sainsbury’s’ toilet rolls by 12mm, a move which it says is a first and will reduce the carbon emissions of the product by 140,000kg of CO2 every year.

The move will allow the overall package size to be reduced, meaning that more packs can be carried in a single lorry.

It will also introduce new on-pack information aimed at helping shoppers make what it called “more sustainable purchasing decisions”.

Fiona Miall, toilet roll buyer for Sainsbury’s, said: “We are always looking for new ways to make small changes to our business that can help our customers make more sustainable choices.

“Our scale means that by making what seems like a relatively small packaging development, we’re able to make significant carbon savings.”

The revamped product will go on sale in stores during May.

The move is the latest packaging change to help it reach its goal of reducing its packaging weight by half by 2020 compared to 2005, which is a key target of the retailer’s 20 by 20 Sustainability Plan.

New packaging designs are reported to have generated an 11% reduction already in the last two years.




  1. I hope that the consumer has been thought of in this exercise. Will the new rolls fit all existing holders? What about the gardeners who use the cardboard tube for growing seeds? I suspect a problem as the tube will now be too small to hold enough compost, so will dry out too quickly. Is the law of unintended consequences going to make Sainsburys regret this move?

  2. Joke

    We are reliably informed they increased the diameter of the core over eight months ago. Then, one of their awake employees noticed he could gain brownie points by reducing it. DO THEY THINK WE ARE ALL THICK.

  3. Was the original date of this information April 1st ??

  4. Could save even more by wrapping all there Products with rolls of stretch film with no cores or extra light cores – saving up to 1.5 kg of waste per machine roll. Problem is there is no interest as you cant Market this concept to the consumer

  5. Richard L Wilson

    I have just bought some of these new rolls. We have 2 toilet roll holders, one part of a set with towel rails from Homebase, the other from Habitat. The rolls do not fit on either of them and I will have to take them back to the shop. Who did the research on this I wonder?