Scotland to examine impact of deposit return schemes

The Scottish government’s environment secretary is to examine further the implications of deposit return schemes.

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Richard Lochhead said that he will look into evidence gathered by Zero Waste Scotland looking into the potential benefits and concerns for the scheme. He has also commissioned further research looking into retailer costs and the implications for small stores.

He said: “Like carrier bag charging, deposit return schemes attach a value to items that can otherwise be viewed as waste, and have proven successful in other countries at reducing litter and increasing recycling.

“The evidence gathered by Zero Waste Scotland highlights some of the potential benefits and concerns associated with a deposit return system for Scotland. I am listening closely as I consider whether such a scheme – which has worked successfully in other countries – would be right for Scotland.

“In light of Belgium’s recent suggestion for an EU-wide deposit return scheme to help tackle litter and recycling, I intend to invite Ministers from Wales, Northern Ireland and the UK government to Edinburgh next spring to discuss these new findings.”