Sidel unveils new ‘stack and pack’ bottle

Sidel has unveiled new stackable PET bottle technology for mid-sized bottles from 250ml to 1l.

Stack and Pack one

The technology, called ‘Stack & Pack,’ could be on the market by 2013.

Switzerland-based Sidel unveiled its new technology at the Anuga FoodTech Show in Germany. The packaging giant said that a deeper-than-usual concave indentation at the base of each bottle enables highly efficient stacking.

According to Sidel, the neck of the bottle below fits into the base of the bottle above, significantly reducing the required amount of stacking space and eliminating any need for interlayers.

The packaging giant said once the bottle is filled and capped, a stretch sleeve is wrapped around to form a pack of six bottles.

The compact stack enables ten layers instead of six to fit on a standard European pallet, increasing the number of bottles on a pallet by 40%.

Sidel said that Stack & Pack is suitable for sensitive products like juices, liquid dairy products and milk and addresses the needs of “all supply chain players”.

The firm added: “With this holistic packaging concept, Sidel strengthens its position as a global solution provider for the beverage industry. The technology is up and running at Sidel’s production facility and is ready for field tests at customers’ plants.”