Smurfit Kappa designs packaging for prosthetic limbs

Smurfit Kappa has designed new packaging for bionic hands.

RSL BeBionic hand Smurfit Kappa box

The corrugated packaging giant was given a brief from prosthetic limb design and manufacturer RSL Steeper to create a pack for their top-of-the-range BeBionic prosthetic hand that’s feel, image and strength reflected the quality of the product.

Smurfit Kappa said its design team produced a high quality, litho laminated box with a matt varnish, reflecting the high quality of the product.

In a statement, the firm said: “Thinking of the needs of the end user, and with the guidance of experts at RSL Steeper, Smurfit Kappa designed a box that can be easily opened with one hand by gripping the box sides from above with the fore finger and thumb, allowing the base to slide out from the bottom.”

Highly technical design features

The product to be packaged is a fully functional microprocessor controlled unit that uses sensors attached to the wearer’s arm, which pick up on muscle contraction and activate the relevant motors.

The highly technical design features meant that it was essential for the packaging to eliminate damage to the hand during transportation as well as reflect the premium quality of the product that the existing simple brown box did not, according to Smurfit Kappa.

‘Effective design elements’

Smurfit Kappa designer Paul Lowes said: “Our corrugated pack, with its high quality finish, gives the product the distinction it deserves, whilst minimising the need for non biodegradable materials. By working closely with RSL Sleeper we were able to create a box that incorporated effective design elements that hadn’t previously been considered by them.”

RSL Steeper mechanical design engineer Dean Cowan added: “Smurfit Kappa’s design team delivered on all aspects of our brief and then some! From the tactile nature of the box finish, through tamper evident aspects and an ability to be opened one handed, the box has revolutionised the way we pack our high value products and present our company in the market place.”



  1. “Wait a minute, these are fake hands!”

  2. This is a wonderful packaging design! A product like this really needs an advanced box that is appealing as well as functional to its targeted consumer. Great Work!