Tetley tea offers £1,000 instant-win prizes in new pack promo | Video

August 23, 2013 3 Comments » Print Print

The Tetley tea brand has announced a £1.7m promotional drive with the launch of a three-month on-pack promotion, which for the first time ever will be available to all retail channels and out-of-home sales

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The 10 million “Find Sydney” promotional packs are going into the trade this month offering consumers a £1,000 instant-win prize in return for finding a “Find Sydney” token in-pack. Fifty tokens will be in circulation during the course of the promotion and prizes can be redeemed until 31 March 2014.

The promotion will be carried on Tetley Original 240s, 160s, 80s, and price marked-pack 80s, as well as Tetley decaf 160s and 80s and Extra Strong 160s and 80s.

In convenience, more than 500,000 packs of price-marked Tetley original 80s will be available to wholesale and cash and carry.

The special packs feature a second opportunity to win using the unique code printed on-pack, which when entered online gives shoppers the chance to win a range of prizes ranging from £1 money-off tokens to a £1,000 cash prize.

In out-of-home sales, purchasers of a branded Tetley drink will be given a “Find Sydney” scratch card for their chance to win. A total of 750,000 scratch cards will be distributed in promotional cases of Tetley “On The Go”.  Each promotional case holds 300 Tetley branded double-walled cups and sip lids, 300 non drip drawstring tea bags and 300 scratch cards, plus promotional point of sale material.

Support for the promotion includes television advertising, which will begin this month, radio sponsorship and advertising, and poster advertising at key retail sites.

In-store POS and secondary siting units will be positioned in key retail locations to carry the promotional packs.

“More than ever shoppers are looking for value and retailers need to deliver this if they are to secure their shoppers loyalty and increase their spend. This is a significant promotion which will be marketed heavily so will be front of mind when shoppers do their shop. The  commitment to run the promotion across all channels offers significant benefits and we anticipate a significant uplift in sales because of it,” said Andrew Pearl director of Shopper and customer marketing.