Unilever seeks new pack partners on ‘open innovation’ site

March 21, 2012 1 Comment » Print Print

FMCG giant Unilever is ramping up its open model of innovation for packaging and other products with the launch of a new open innovation website

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Photo of mn unilever products1 The site has been developed to help the Anglo-Dutch business find the new technologies that will allow it to reach its goal of doubling in size by 2020 while reducing its overall environmental impact.

Unilever cited packaging as a key technology for the open innovation site, which lists a series of technology ‘wants’ for Unilever projects.

It said it was looking for lighter and more sustainable packaging which “will cut the weight, quantity and waste of our product packaging”.

Unilever first laid out its plans to double its turnover, but to halve the total environmental footprint of its products, in its Sustainable Living Plan published in late 2010.

Other current ‘wants’ listed on the site include technologies to bring safe water to the world’s poorest people cheaply; active ingredients for cleaning products which inactivate viruses; laundry products and technologies that improve washing and use lower temperatures and less water; and technology to reduce the amount of sodium in food – without affecting our products’ great taste.

Roger Leech, Unilever open innovation scouting director, said: “Our global research and development teams consistently make innovation breakthroughs which keep Unilever at the forefront of product development and design.

“But we know that the world is full of brilliant people with brilliant ideas, and we are constantly looking for new ways to tap into this potential by working with partners who have a fresh, serious approach to developing exciting new technology.”

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