‘Voluntary’ monthly packaging recycling data agreed

DEFRA has agreed a voluntary system to publish packaging recycling data on a monthly basis in a bid to ‘improve transparency’ around PRNs.

Recycling analysis mn

Coming into effect from tomorrow, Defra, the Environment Agency and the Advisory Committee on Packaging (ACP) will publish data from reprocessors and exporters on the volume of recycled packaging material monthly instead of quarterly.

If successful, the organisations predict that more frequent reporting could increase transparency surrounding the availability of packaging recovery notes (PRNs) and packaging export recovery notes (PERNs).

The Environment Agency said: “There were challenges during 2015 around the levels of packaging waste recycling and the availability of PRNs and PERNs.

“Defra and the ACP have identified that lack of transparency on waste packaging received for processing contributed to this, as it is only published quarterly. Defra also have a commitment to making as much data as possible freely available as part of their Open Data programme. For 2016 they have asked the Agencies to trial monthly publishing of the aggregated amount of waste packaging, by material that has been recorded on NPWD [National Packaging Waste Database].”

The ACP said it will review the monthly reporting system after a few months, and is open to discuss the issue further later in the year.

Defra and the Environment Agency have also agreed to amend the packaging protocol for mixed papers – bringing the amount of claimable packaging material up from 12.5% to 23%, according to a tweet by Phil Conran, chair of the ACP.