Liz Goodwin’s work at Wrap commended by industry

The packaging industry has praised the work of Wrap’s chief executive Liz Goodwin, who is to step down from her role later this year.


Goodwin steps down in June and circular economy and resource efficiency experts say that she leaves the organisation in an excellent position.

Optimistic about the future for Wrap, Goodwin told Packaging News: “I think Wrap has a very exciting time ahead. Important areas of work include our work on helping drive greater consistency in collections and our work to develop Courtauld 2025. I’m very optimistic about the future for Wrap and I know it will go from strength to strength.”

Foodservice Packaging Association executive director Martin Kersh said: “We are very sorry to hear of Liz leaving after nine very successful years as chief executive of Wrap. During this time Wrap has become an advocate for packaging promoting its core benefit in protecting its contents for longer and in particular helping to reduce food waste. The Hospitality and Foodservice Agreement has been a force for good and real achievements in reducing food waste have been made. Liz has done a terrific job and she leaves behind a very effective organisation.”

Dick Searle,chief executive of  The Packaging Federation, added: “I have enjoyed working with Liz over the last nine years. In that time we have come to a mutual understanding that packaging is a solution not a problem – particularly in its role of food waste prevention.

“We particularly applaud Liz’s leadership of the Love Food Hate Waste campaign – undoubtedly a world-leading initiative.”

Jane Bickerstaffe, director, INCPEN, said: “It has been a pleasure to work with Liz.  From its early days when Wrap regarded packaging just as something to be reduced, Liz has built it into an organisation that now appreciates that the environment is complex and grey, not black and white, and that packaging in general makes a net positive contribution, saving far more resources than it uses.”