Exclusive video: The benefits of resealable packs | Consumer IQ

Consumers discuss how well-designed resealability enhances their experience of a product in this exclusive video created by Watch Me Think for the Consumer IQ series.

Welcome to Consumer IQ, a new series sponsored by Essentra Packaging that explores consumer interaction with packaging and will run throughout 2013

As part of PN’s Consumer IQ series, sponsored by Essentra Packaging, research firm Watch Me Think exclusively asked a group of consumers to make videos of themselves discussing various aspects of resealability.

The consumers share their views on a range of issues including what they like about resealable packs – and what they hate. They also reveal their views on whether they would pay more for the packs or not..

Have you used any of these packs? How easy did you find them to reseal? Do you think that packaging designers, specifiers and manufacturers do enough to make packs easy to reseal? Share your views in the Comment section below.

Watch Me Think creates videos of consumers interacting with products and packaging in their own homes. Visit www.watchmethink.com for more information


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  1. If only all the manufacturers including Chocolates had reusable packing.