Duerr’s turns to Ardagh for distinctive new jar

Ardagh has created a striking new jar for jam and marmalade brand Duerr’s.

The glass packaging manufacturer was briefed by Duerr’s to develop a jar that looked like, and had the feel of, citrus fruit.

Sales and marketing director, Richard Duerr says: “The shape and format of preserve jars hasn’t changed for a long time – consumer research told us that we needed to do something to shake up the category and appeal to a younger consumer.”

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Ardagh created the packaging through a combination of 3D printing, prototyping and CAD sculptured embossing. This advanced software allowed the designer hands-on control to manually sculpt the intricate and real-life effects on the container, in this case the peel of the orange.

In addition a full body shrink label covered the container as a conventional label would crease over the jar’s spherical surface.