Ma’amite shows love for Diamond Jubilee

Iconic British brand Marmite is the latest product to get the Jubilee-themed treatment, with limited edition packs out on shelves now.

The packs, created by design agency Hornall Anderson, will be adorned with the Union Jack flag in a bid to create standout on shelf and increase shopper appeal.

Alastair Whiteley, Hornall Anderson UK’s creative director, told PN: “The new jar design features the Union flag anchored by Marmite’s familiar brand equities to ensure it doesn’t detract from the brand power, yet still honors the royal event.

“The crown is placed with careful attention to guidelines set by The Lord Chamberlain’s office. Since you can’t use the Queen’s crown, coat of arms, or other personal imagery, the crown was rendered in a more Marmite-themed way. Hornall Anderson also concepted the “Ma’amite” naming.”

Marmite has earned a reputation worldwide as an iconic British brand since its conception in 1902.

Whiteley added: “Ma’amite is Marmite’s fourth limited-edition brand packaging designed by Hornall Anderson UK, joining the phenomenally popular Guinness, Champagne Valentine’s edition, Marston’s Pedigree edition for The Ashes, and Marmite’s Original and XO varieties.

“Marmite is a brand steeped in heritage that has successfully launched product extensions, while retaining its much-loved personality. Marmite has ‘brand fans’, not ‘customers’. Marmite engages with people; it doesn’t sell to them. Marmite has a personality. It captures a wit.”

Marmite is a brand owned by Unilever.

“We wanted to pay a fitting tribute to the Queen – from one British institution to another. We just hope Ma’am loves it!” said Nicola Waymark, marketing manager at Unilever.



  1. Love that they’re doing this – especially as they have refused to contribute to any of the celebrations in London!

  2. moo-mite!